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  1. Invention is my hobby and passion, which has become my profession also.
  2. Even though Master degree in Zoology,  I was offered a post, as Head of Design Dept. of Agriculture Equipments,  by the Chairman of Kirloskar Bros. Ltd. and Kirloskar Tractors Ltd. Companies in India,  ,After retiring I started my own company.AVP&CO and now working  in my firm, Consultants-Innovations.
  3. Nominated as a guide, for students and staff, in Pune Engineering college ,India for new product development.
  4. Nominated as a Service provider to assist business for Wisconsin Entrepreneur’s Network., [WEN]
  5. Have 4 patents, 2 in America. and  2 in India,  I write my own patents.
  6. Developed  several new products on terrace lab, without any sophisticated equipment, in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical, Adhesives, Heat Treatment, Electro less plating, Health, Medicine,  Agriculture,. and Water proofing solution. etc. Produced these products and marketed them. Including to, ISO 900 companies. For 15 years.
  7. Published research paper on Diabetes 2,” Apple controls diabetes 2”
  8. Recently started Helping entrepreneurs and industry, as well as marketing, as a consultant.
  9. Retired as a Marketing Executive of 6 states, from Kirloskar Tractors,  India. and Distributor for Loctite products. Always, all India highest sale of products, in India.
  10. Developed a Power Tiller working on 3.5 hp diesel engine giving 120 sq, inch cut of plow.
  11. Recently became  Citizen of USA.
  12. Affiliate Member of 9Sigma.
  13. General Secretary of post graduate Gathering, Pune University, Interuniversity player, and Athlete.

For 4 years I worked in Central Tobacco Research Institute, at Rajahmahendry AP, India [1956to 1961]and published 6 research papers, in Entomological Journal.
In 1962 I was offered a job of  Head of Design Department of Agricultural Equipments, in Kirloskar Brothers Ltd Company, in India, which is a big and reputed group of engineering products. They have taken my Seed drill patent for production, on license.

  1. I  was offered a post, as Head of  Design and Development  Department of  Agri Implements in  Kirloskar Bros. Ltd at Kirloskarwadi District Sangali, State of Maharashtra,  India, by, the Chairman Mr. S.L. Kirloskar, because, he has taken my seed drill Patent on  license,  for production on royalty basis.[in the year 1962].
  2. Recently from 13 th March 2007, I have been nominated to work, as a guide, up to PhD level  in “ Pune  Engineering College”,Shivaji nagar Pune to  develop new products and projects, and guide the  Entrepreneurship cell, with the help of students and various  Faculties, This is the first Engineering College in India and is 150 years old ,it is a reputed and prestigious one, in the country.
  3. I am also nominated as a Service provider for developing new products  for Entrepreneurs through Wiscons Net Work [ WEN ]
  4. I have designed a common frame for fitting all types of ploughs on one frame and it was Patented by Kilrloskar.Bros Ltd.. I have designed Implements for Kirloskar Deutz tractor and also developed suppliers  for these implements.
  5. In Kirloskar Bros. I have developed a Power Tiller working on 3.5 hp [ Three and
    half HP] diesel engine. This tiller was pulling  a 12inch by 10 inch plow [120
    sq.inches]  in black cotton soil, which was impossible by any standards.. The
    Demonstration of. this design was seen by  the Chairman S.L.Kirloskar  and by all Managing  Directors of the  Kirloskar Group.
  6. I was transferred from Kirloskar Bros to  Kirloskar Tractor Ltd  at Nasik ,as a Development officer in the year1972 and retired in 1984, as an Executive Marketing, controlling 6 States,. I had awards for every year of “All India Highest sales”  for selling tractors. of 30 to 60 HP range.
  7. During my stay in Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. I was also assigned, to train marketing personal of the company.

Work in my own company AVP &Co:-
I have developed the following products,  produced them, on my Terrace lab and marketed  for several years, All this work was done  on my own Terrace Lab, without having any sophisticated equipment or facilities.
In various fields :-  viz, Mechanical, Chemical, Adhesives, Heat Treatment, Electro less plating, Health and Medicine  Agriculture, Production, Marketing,etc..

These products were sold to companies who have ISO marks.

My new products are:-
             I have developed following products and marketed them for 15 years.

  • HTA:-Developed a Product  for acidic and high temp. corrosion resistance for 1200
    degrees centigrade and above,  for sulfur dioxide plant [ and other similar high temp applications] and  marketed and  sold to ISO companies. like Indian Rayon Ltd,Satwick  Electric Control Ltd ,Mico,Prefered Tools. Sugar Factories,etc.
  • Made  an Import substitution for Canopy Polishing Paste  for Mig Aircraft and I
    was a sole manufacturer and supplier for Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd and all Air bases in India.
  • Developed a non transferable Adhesive for stickers   for luggage bags of  VIP Co. for their export consignments . This development  is a modification done in PSA adhesive.
  • Developed and produced Electro less Copper plating solution for Piston Rings of
    Victor Gasket Co. Nasik, India. Whose collaboration is with Dana Corporation of
    America. It gives instant, 2 to 3 micron thick, permanent copper coating to prevent rusting.
  • Developed and  marketed an effective  Mosquito Repellent  Candle and spray [made from herbal products ].
  • Developed  Water proofing solution WRP. For, water leakages of,  Buildings, Terraces, Water tanks, cracks in wood, tin and asbestos. etc.
  • I had Diabetes, Asthma and BP for which I have experimented on myself      
    and is able to control my blood sugar at normal level, without medicine for the last 10 years.. My articles on them [ on .Diabetes and Asthma] were published in Magazines and Daily News  papers.
    My work on Diabetes Research   “ Apple controls Blood Sugar in Diabetes Type II” is approved by “ Academy Health Research Org. USA” for poster reading in their conference held in the month of June 2003. and is published in  various forums in USA.and also in Bimonthly magazine of Diabetic Association of India , Pune Branch India. It is also published in Magazine of “Health Care Net work Magazine” of New Zealand. and In Suit 101. and full article was published in Pune’s, Sakal Daily News Paper of 4 th Sept2005 which is having 1.5 million circulation. And in  Gavakari Daily News Paper of Nashik.
  • I have designed a Staple Remover and got Patent in USA having patent
    No.6224,035  B1  Dated May1st 2001.
  • Developed a Tube Squeezer for collapsible tubes[ Patent pending in USA]
  • Developed a NO Carb paste for Differential heat treatment, for gears etc which does not allow nascent carbon, to enter in to the material at 1200 degrees centigrade. This paste is developed  to keep the material soft and does not  allow it to harden it, during the heat treatment.
  • All these products are new and developed by my own original research work.
  • I was offered  Distributorship of Loctite Adhesives[ from USA,]  for, 6 Districts   
    and  100 sugar factories. in Maharashtra  state, India and got, All India best dealers awards   for  3 years, for market development and for maximum, all India sales.
  • Developed a, leafy vegetable remover cum cutter.
  • Developed an air filter for, breathing to get read of, polluted air and foul smell
  • Pimple remover:- Product made and sold in India
  • Tooth powder:-   Product made and sold in India
  • Have developed many more good products which have export market.
  • Apart from this, write patents and submit them.
  • I have these and other Consumer and Industrial  Products and designs, in the pipeline ,which will have good market in USA and elsewhere.
  • Theft proof wallet:- Working  Model made
  • Table top and Glass cleaner:-  Do   Model in Hand
  • Adhesive Tape Dispenser:-      Do   Model in Hand

It is clear from the above facts and data, that, we have experience of, creating Idea’s, producing appropriate working prototypes of such ideas, producing them and effectively marketing them, plus marketing other's products.
Thus having everything in one basket, for R&D work.
Now recently started doing consulting jobs.
Recently I have designed a program for the relief of Health related problems of Computer,   for Senior citizens , and for diabetes persons, it is designed in consideration of present day change of lifestyle and is a compact course of 20 minutes, which includes yoga and other exercises. This gives good relief for computer syndromes and similar other problems. Lastly All this work in varied and in unknown fields is possible by a person like me, because I work on the following principle -

“If I have to develop or improve a water pump, I become water and pass through the pump and the answer comes automatically Aims of-- Consultants-- Innovations"

You will very well realized, the great difficulties and obstacles at every point, which I might have experienced  in,  thinking of new idea/product/projects, develop the idea/ products, make first rough and then final working prototypes, then produce them, on my terrace lab, and  market them  to reputed ISO concerns, without having any support or recourses,
I have therefore decided to give a helping hand to those individual inventors, who have brilliant  and unique ideas or products, which have a great potential to commercialize them. but do not have any means to develop them and bring them in market.
To help such innovators I have started the above mentioned  company, in India.
We help in finding out manufacturers and marketing organizations, for those who have unique products having great potential.
We therefore  request all concerned to enroll with us , who have such products and need help.
All the information provided to us, will be treated as confidential and if required we will give a non discloser agreement.
We also request, to those manufacturers and marketing Organizations, to enroll with us, who are in search of such  unique products, or to solve their critical problems, Projects, which will have a great market potential.
We will help for the products, which are of consumer or of industrial nature.
Thus, one will get everything, under one umbrella.
If required I can send credit check file.
Hope to receive your co-operation.

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