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Here are some new products in various diverse fields, which are indigenously designed and developed by us. After retiring from Kirloskar company I have started my own company ‘ AVP&Co and developed the following products. on my Terrace lab, without any sophisticated equipments, produced and sold to all big companied having ISO 900 mark. In 1999, I was severely down with Diabetes, and was forced to close down the business.  Again recently in 2006 I have   started  a consultancy Firm as “Consultants-Innovations”  to help the individual inventors and entrepreneurs by way of providing them, manufacturers and marketing facilities.

Latest Finding & Innovations
a) Vajrasana a miracle in Yoga       
b) Flue main cause
c) Texomos (Mosquito Repellent Spray)
The product details are as under
A] Health and Medicinal Products
      1] Asthma    

During my child hood I was going to gym and was doing rigorous exercise and was keeping good health.
I was also an athlete and good tennis player, till the age of 28 I was quite hell and hearty.
Later on during my earlier service days, I was alone and started smoking a lot and was taking drinks also.
I think this has caused my health to deteriorate and I became asthmatic.
Later on it has increased so much that I was not able to climb stare case without taking injection. This was a horrible condition and nothing will stop the breathing trouble.
I tried various medicine but without any result. This condition remained for about 10 to 15 years.
Ultimately I thought to find out myself some remedy and I started doing research on it .
I tried so many things but nothing would work , but on a fine day I thought of trying some herbal remedy. For this I have collected some local herbs,and made various combinations and. I started taking this  early in the morning before taking any thing even water or tea.
And to my surprise it started giving results, in first 15 days itself I was little relived and within 2 to 3 months I was completely cured , and till today I do not have any trouble whatsoever. Now I am 78 year old but no trouble at all.
Latter on I tried this on several people  in India and in USA also and every where I got good results.
I think one can try this remedy, which is most harmless to take, these are  normal herbs available in India.

      2] Mosquito Repellent  

This is made out of herbal plants and harmless to user. It is in the form of liquid and also in candle form. One can keep open windows and doors and sill it protects from Mosquitoes to the extent of 99 percent. I have sold this product on large quantities under the brand name of “Get Rid “It was sold through my distributor in Nashik area in India. Please see the literature produced here
      3] Pimple remover  

Product made and sold in India. It is a herbal product, It is very simple and removes pimples in about 2 to 3 days. It is to be applied by mixing in the milk or even in milk powder. It keeps the skin very smooth and fresh in look.

      4] Tooth powder  

Product made and sold in India- This product is entirely from various herbs and completely harmless for human consumption. It is very  effective, shines the teeth and kills bacteria, and keeps pleasant flavor in the mouth.

      5]  Diabetes  

My major work is on diabetes type 2 and it has a wide publicity through out the world. This is also a simple remedy of taking apple and B Complex.

I had diabetes so I did research on this also and till today for 10 years I am able to control sugar without any medicine and that too taking sweets etc in moderate quantity[ As a supporting evidence for my Apple Therapy please refer a reputed Medicinal web site “Peace Health” link as give bellow.  

Basically I am an inventor and all these and other products, I made as a hobby and I never had an idea to accumulate wealth from these products, by making them on large scale, even if I wanted to produce and market them ,it was not possible for a single person to do so. That was never my intentions, but now I feel that if some body wants to produce them and make available to people, for their benefit, then I am prepared to collaborate with them, by way of consultancy or would like to work in a sponsorship projects, or sale the  products on license.
I have not divulged the names of herbs for obvious reasons.

While doing this work I had to do an exhaustive study of all  available types of herbs and get the proper ones which are most effective.        
      B] Industrial Products  

Here are some new products in various diverse fields, which are indigenously designed and developed by us. After retiring from Kirloskar company I have started my own company ‘ AVP&Co and developed the following products. on my Terrace lab, without any sophisticated equipments, produced and sold, even  to all big companied having ISO 900 mark. In 1999, I was severely  down with Diabetes, and was forced to close down the business.  Again recently in 2006 I have   started  a consultancy Firm as “Consultants-Innovations”  to help the  individual inventors and entrepreneurs by way of providing them, manufacturers and marketing facilities.

      The product details are as under  
      1] Paste for Heat Treatment  

This is a paste which is normally called as No Carb Paste, which is used in heat treatment process, to prevent entry of nascent carbon in to the steel at the temp. of 900 to 1200 degrees Centigrade, to prevent carburizing of the part, so that the part where it is applied remains soft and does not become hard. This paste is not suitable for molten salt baths. We have developed this product indigenously and marketed in India.

      2] Electro less Copper plating solution  

This is one more product developed by us. This is a paste in solution form and is water soluble.. This solution is useful for applying copper coating of 3 to 4 microns on steel parts. This was developed for Victor gasket Co. having collaboration with Dana corporation USA at Nashik, for coating copper, on their piston rings, to stop rusting. It works on ionic basis and coats copper instantaneously. It can with stand , temperature, acid, alkalis and corrosion etc. similar to copper metal.

      3] Canopy Polishing Paste for Mig Aircrafts  

This is a polishing paste successfully formulated by us indigenously, as an import substitution for a Russian product, being used by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd Nashik, for their Mig Aircraft Canopy. This paste is used to remove all the scratches from the plastic canopy of the aircraft and make it as transparent as a glass. This is a very critical product for the aircraft. This paste is approved by Director of CRE, Defense Department, for allowing us, to use on all Russian Aircrafts.[ Approval Ref. no. is CREN/[N] L/86-14/93/995 dated 22/4/1993] This paste has satisfied all the parameters required by HAL Ozar Nasik India. This is used on the canopy made of Acrylic Glass,
The salient points and parameters of this paste are as under
   1. It will not dry immediately.
   2. It will roll on as long as you go on polishing.
   3. It is water soluble.
   4. When dried on canopy it can be removed easily without adhering to the canopy.
   5. Removes all scratches

      4]  HTA :- For High temperature and acidic  corrosion resistance  

This product is designed for protecting plants/equipments, working under high temperatures up to 1200 degrees centigrade, which are working under acidic and alkaline conditions eg. sulfur dioxide plant. It is useful for Abrasive resistance, and High temp. bonding up to 1800 degrees C. With HTA coating we have demonstrated corrosion prevention in sulfur dioxide plants. The steel panels in these plants are exposed to H2SO4,H2SO3, SO3 and SO2 at high temperatures of 1200 and above Centigrade.  This quoting can be used to prevent corrosion in high temp. heat exchangers, ducts, scrubbers, air cyclones  ,ID fans , walls and concrete structures etc. for protecting from acid, alkalis, gases, salts ,and heat etc. A very important area of application is exposed welding joints. Welding joints are typically prone to corrosive oxidation, coating these with HTA protects them.HTA can withstand 20-25% volume of SO2 concentration at 1000C.
Case study in sugar factories : In sugar factories, sulfur dioxide is used for bleaching. In a high temp furnace sulfur is burnt at 1000 to 1200C Centigrade. to generate SO2. The furnace is approx. 15 ft x 4 ft and is made of 0.75 in. thick mild steel /stainless steel. The sulfur dioxide goes through two heat exchangers placed in the furnace. The purpose of the exchanger is to cool the sulfur dioxide to 200C. However, the high temp.leads to extremely corrosive environment for the steel of the exchanger and furnace. HTA was coated on all areas of the heat exchanger. to withstand H2SO4, H2SO3,SO2, and SO3 successfully at high temp.
We have seen that the corrosion is entirely prevented for more than 18 months of use in 72 number of sugar factories ; before the use of HTA, the exchanger used to corrode in a span of just one month. We are confident of the corrosion/oxidation prevention effect of HTA. We look forward to working with your application.
We look forward to, working with your application..
 M/s NTB Hi-tech Ceramics  Pune were purchasing this product for bonding their ceramic tiles on metals for their high temp products. They have collaboration with Lambertville Ceramics U. S. A.

      5]  Water Proofing Solution, WRP - Easy to Apply with positive results    
      Do it yourselves Type -  

WRP Solution stops leakages from :-


 Terrace, Water Tanks, Sun Shades, Bath Rooms, Parput Wall, Asbestos sheets, and from Joints, Cracks and corners.

      How to apply :-  
  1. Clean the place where you want to apply the solution.
  2. Sprinkle little water and wait for few minutes to see, where the water dries and where it remains somewhat wet.
    Leakages are normally from these wet spots and not from any other spots,so mark them. The capillaries open from these wet marks and water leaks through them, so they are wet.
  3. Apply this mixture by brush, only where-ever you have located and marked the wet spots. on cracks, wall cracks, parapet walls, sun shades etc.
    Go on applying this mixture on the marked spots till it stops absorbing. Once the marked spots stop absorbing the solution, that means all capillaries which are originating from these spots are completely filled up, and will be blocked after the solution dries up. The leakages are through these capillaries only.
    This is the major but simple principal on which this solution works, and  hence it is a positive and guaranteed method of stopping leakages. No use of applying solution everywhere and increase the cost of water proofing unnecessarily.
  4. Allow it to dry the place for a day and then test it for leakages by pouring water.
  5. This method can be used for, bathroom and toilet locations, in the slab before final finish. or after completion. For water tanks apply solution from inside.
  6. As it is based on sound principal the cost is minimum. than any other tretments..This is a non hazardous solution, and can be used for tanks of drinking water.
  7. Caution:-If the leakage is continuous at some spots and is considerably large like a stream, then you have to repair the spot with mortar etc and then  only apply this solution. Water proofing is not meant for rectifying the large defects of constructions.

    Please contact us for your orders. We are still doing this business.
    Distributors are required,  please contact.

      6] Non transferable Adhesive  

Made by modifying  PSA adhesive and sold for VIP Co. For their export bag labels.

      7] Level indicator for gas cylinders :-  product in hand  
      C]  Consumer Products  
      1] Staple Remover  

I have designed a Staple remover and got Patent in USA having patent no.6224,035  B1  Dated May1st 2001.
For fig.and details click here

      2] Tube Squeezer  

For collapsible tubes[ Patent pending in USA]
It squeezes  uniformly the stored material from various shapes of  collapsible tubes, including all types of material, viscous or otherwise, like Wood filler, Metal
filler, Plumbing material, various Grouting material, Silicones, Paints, Pharmaceuticals Formulations, Tooth paste, Gels, Silicones, Adhesives, cement fillers, Sealant,  Cream, Grease, Cream, Decorating Compositions, Printing Ink, Shaving Cream, Miscellaneous - Cosmetics, Mosquito Repellant, Hair Tonic, Gum,  etc  
This squeezer dispenses the material, winds the empty tube and stops unwinding
empty tube based on  two O rings pressure assembly. 
For fig.and details click here

      3] leafy vegetable cutter  
      Developed a leafy vegetable cutter., required for large quantity of leafy vegetables.[ leaf remover is in experimental stage]  
      4] Filter for Breathing  

Developed an air filter for breathing to get read of polluted and foul smell. It is useful in big cities where pollution is heavy and at places where foul smell is almost permanent eg. Sugar factories, swage work, Cement factories and other similar places. This requires minimum pressure for breathing. and is very  compact .

      5]  Mosquito Repellent  

This is made out of herbal plants and harmless to user. It is in the form of liquid and in candle form. one can keep open windows and doors.

      6]  Adhesive tape dispensary  

This is already developed and is a very compact and easy to operate for any type of width of  various tapes

      7] Theft proof wallet :- Prototype made  
      8] Table top and Glass cleaner :-  Prototype in hand  
      9] Adhesive Tape Dispenser :-  Prototype in hand  
      10]  Pimple remover :- Product made and sold in India  
      11]  Tooth powder :-  Product made and sold in India  
      12]  Yogasanas designed for Computer Syndrome  
      13]  Level Indicator for Gas cylinders :-  Product in hand  

We have many more better products already developed and ready for production and  marketing. Interested parties may contact.

Apart from these products we have decided to take some projects, for product development in Pune Engineering College, Pune India. and at Wisconsin Net work Center[WEN]

Those who are interested in helping such activities in any roll or capacity, may please contact us.
       Products under development at Pune Engineering college are :  
  • Electro less Tin Plating
  • Ventilators
  • Chapati Machine
  • Rust preventing product
  • Lapping paste
  • Saline applicator
  • 10 KV Gen set
  • Dish Water
  • Pitts on Roads

As I have spent my 60 years in Innovations in India , I know which products are required for Indian environment and  are good for marketing. And also for import and export of new products  requirement.

      I earnestly request  you to please contact me,  if you are interested in  taking these products on License, for manufacturing and Marketing in India and abroad.  
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