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      Tube Squeezer [ PATENT PENDING ]  

We have recently developed a novel Tube squeezer, the salient points of the same are as under:-

  1. It is  made of  simple two parts spring loaded assembly, at a negligible cost.
  2. It squeezes  uniformly the stored material from various shapes of  collapsible tubes, including all types of material, viscous or otherwise, like Wood filler, Metal filler, Plumbing material, various Grouting material, Silicones, Paints, Pharmaceuticals Formulations, Tooth paste, Gels, Silicones, Adhesives, cement fillers, Sealant,  Cream, Grease, Cream, Decorating Compositions, Printing Ink, Shaving Cream, Miscellaneous - Cosmetics, Mosquito Repellant, Hair Tonic, Gum,  etc.
  3. This squeezer  dispenses the material, winds the empty tube and stops unwinding of empty tube also. It can be fixed on a wall or stand.
  4. It is so compact that it can be attached to the tube and packed in carton for shipment.
  5. It is useful as a sales promotional product.
  6. Adopting this design for your product, will be very profitable addition to your line.
  7. It can be modified to suit your product with out any additional cost.
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