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   Healing effects of apple

   * Asthma.
   * Bladder Cancer.
   * Cholesterol.
   * Colon Cancer.
   * Heart Diseases, etc.
   * And now controls       Diabetes ||.
"Healing effect of Apple on various Diseases


The main purpose of this Web site is to place on record of, whatever little work I done in my life span of 80 years. And some  events which are worth recollecting..
Right from childhood I had passion for Innovations. so I decided to follow this unknown path, I got this heritage from my father who was a Physician and was always interested in finding new things in medicines.
During my life I never had a mind to accumulate wealth, but was interested in developing new products. This I have continued in service and even after my retirement.
 One can imagine how difficult, hard and uncertain life, I would have spent, in earning my livelihood. Being in such an unknown field. I had gone through ups and downs in my life, It was a very uncertain and trying job, but I was always happy because Innovation was my real liking and passion of life. so I use to enjoy it.
In such a hard life I was lucky to have my wife Prabha standing behind me, in spite of bearing all the grunts without any grudge, I am also lucky in having my two talented sons Vijay and Ajay both are IIT,MS  and PhDs and are well established in their life in USA. Vijay Parkhe is working as a Technical Expert in a multibillion Reputed company, having 25 patents to his credit, and Ajay is G.M Anesthesia care station life support solutions G.E

Both are happily married with cultured and educated wives, Chandan Parkhe MBBS and,MD and Manju Parkhe an Electrical Engineer, respectively, I owe all of them and can not forget their timely help, of moral and financial support, when I lost almost everything, during my illness of Diabetes. So I am a lucky person to be among such a loving family.

I am dedicating this web site, to all of my family members because,  without their support, I would not have survived  to launch this web site.               
Your views and opinions on this web site, are most valuable to us , so that we can improve it further and be useful to all of you.                                                                

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    Main Article     
    Apple Contrlos the Blood Sugar in Diabetes Type II
{ My real story of experiments on myself }
    Contents:- Introduction and main points,->Experimentation,->-probable causes->-Hypothesis--->  Chemistry of Apple-->-Sugar wheel--->What to do and precautions    
    I had Diabetes so, I experimented on myself, to see the changes in the blood sugar,during 24 Hrs. by taking   counts for every half an hour.    
    Plotted the graph and then  made  Sugar wheels, which gives clear picture of blood glucose position for 24 hours    
    Studied the changes in blood sugar by varying, various factors, like  Fruits, Diet, Exercise,etc.    
    During this experiments except apple, all factors increased the blood sugar.Apple has reduced bs by 40 mg/dl in half an hr.    
    So I did more experiments and finalize the treatment for good control   of blood sugar.    
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Once you read this, you will wonder which type of dreaded ailments and diseases, can an APPLE not cure or improve! An Apple
has been tried as an organic cure on many ailments but not on Diabetes. I suspect it is because of the implications to the patients
already with high blood Sugar levels; some may believe that an Apple might increase sugar levels and could compound already acute problem. On the contrary, my experimental data shows that I could control Diabetes in myself and other Diabetics with great efficacy. I am not equipped to conduct large scale clinical trials. I request you to pursue this simple approach to curing Diabetes. So why not use this cure on Diabetes.
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